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More event announcements for May and June! Come play with us!



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  • For the love of cliches, don't let the elves win.


    Question: Is there a hand limit for cards?

    Answer: Nope, you can have as obnoxiously large a hand as you want! The only exception is Gunslingers. If you are a Gunslinger, your hand limit is 5, plus the number of your pieces in play on the board.

    Question: If I use Flanking Maneuver, can I spend extra points to move my second piece multiple spaces?

    Answer: No, but if you have a second (or third) Flanking Maneuver, you can play them to advance the same piece one more space.

    Question: If I use a Foreign Training/Amazing Disguise card together with a card not normally allowed for my class, do I need a second Foreign Training/Amazing Disguise card to use a second card not of my class that turn?

    Answer: Yes. Sorry if that wrecked something awesome for you.

    Question: I am playing a robot, which means I need to spend one point to activate a special ability on a card. I would like to play Geta of Speed, which has the option of spending another point to move further. Can I play a two point card to split between these two costs?

    Answer: Normally you can't split points between different actions, but since Robots + Geta of Speed is the only situation like this, we're going to say yes. (Shout out to Francis of Friday Night Dice for finding this very specific situation!)

    Question: Can gunslingers ever use a single card?

    Answer: No, Gunslingers must use at least two cards for all plays as described in the rules.

    Question: Can gunslingers play two different specialty cards, and use their point values as a set? Or must both cards match?

    Answer: The cards do not have to match if you are ignoring the effect of the card. For example, a Foreign Training card and Flanking Maneuver can be used for their 4 point values to form a Two of a Kind set. However, you must have two Flanking Maneuvers to form a Two of a Kind set that triggers the description of the card.

    Question: Why on earth would anyone play Elves?

    Answer: You know the person who always watches other people play the board game, but never participates? The Elves are the class for them. Our playtests have also shown that Zerpang! games that last for longer than three hours run an extreme risk of damanged friendships and/or furniture. Elves keep you in check so you don't get too carried away and you can eventually do something more inclusive with all your guests, like Twister or Freeze Tag.

  • That radar dish wasn't important for anything, was it?

    Jupiter Deep

    Question: If I reveal a setback card that reduces everyone's hand limit (Power Grab), does everyone have to discard immediately?

    Answer: Not immediately. After Power Grab is revealed and the Super Creeps are distributed to the unguarded Power Plants, play progresses normally. Each player will need to count the number of Super Creeps on the board and discard the appropriate cards at the end of their turn. This gives each player one last turn to either use their powers or shoot down a Super Creep to negate the effect!

    Question: If a tile gets stranded with no access, what happens?

    Answer: The tile remains where it is and continues to collect creeps as if it were on the outside of the colony. To get on or off of it, you would need to use a Teleport card or dock your Evacuation Pod there.

    Question: Can I use the Module Control card to move the Evacuation Pod?

    Answer: No. You'll just have to wait until it's full or until you get a Pilot card!

    Question: Can a player take actions from the Evacuation Pod? Does the player count as one of the seven "seats" required for a launch? If the Evacuation Pod is launched and a player's piece is on it, does he lose his turn completely?

    Answer: A player can take actions from the Evacuation Pod. His piece does not count toward the launch requirements, but it will go with the colonists and return on the pod when it comes back. A player cannot take their actions from the pod, but the player still rolls the die and draws a card from the Rescue Deck on his turn.

    Question: My team has saved 28 colonists and is now ready to leave. Do we have to fill 7 seats with more colonists in order to launch the pod?

    Answer: No. Once your duty is done and your entire team is on the Evacuation Pod, you can immediately launch it!

  • I say, Professor Gogglegears, would you kindly STOP sabotaging my queue?


    Question: If I roll more than one die and it ends up on the same color, which one should I discard if my partner also rolled that color?

    Answer: You may discard either one of your dice, your choice.

    Question: What happens if both me and my partner rolled all the same colors?

    Answer: If all your dice cancel, roll again.

    Question: What happens if there are no more chips to draw of the color I need in my draw phase?

    Answer: Unfortunately, you simply can’t draw. Better luck next time!

    Question: Is there a maximum or minimum size that your queue can be?

    Answer: No, there is no maximum/minimum limit.

    Question: Is there a maximum number of tokens that a player can gain on any given turn?

    Answer: Nope!

  • One potato, two potato, three potato, NO MORE.

    Blazing Spuds

    Question: What happens if I only have one die left? Can I put it on any card to get rid of it, or am I out of luck?

    Answer: All cards require at least two dice to activate. If you have only one die, take it and a die of your choice from the compost, then roll them both and proceed with your turn.

  • Chess with two boards, but less frustrating than you might anticipate.


    Question: Can pieces on the Sky Board be transformed into Valley pieces if I'm short?

    Answer: No, but pieces on the Valley board can be transformed into Eagles in the Sky Board.

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